For effective, efficient strata management you can count on JDC Strata Services. Focusing on communication and problem solving, we will work with you directly to ensure we find the right solution. Servicing throughout Queensland, we will always put your interests and body corporate first.

Our day-to-day functions include dealing with communications, maintenance of bank accounts and preparation of draft budgets. We assist with insurance claim processing, income tax preparation and debt collection.

In addition, we have experience in setting up new bodies corporate, including first year budgets, schedules of lot entitlements and organising power of attorney for the original proprietor.

Feel free to call us today to take advantage of our personalised service, which includes no set-up fee for three year management agreements.

Developer Services

•Assist in the set up of new Bodies Corporate, including the drafting of Budgets for first financial year, consulting in relation proposed lot entitlements, schedules of lot entitlements, allocation of car parking and storage areas and the obtaining of sinking fund forecasts and insurance requirements;

•Consult on the requirements with respect to the proposed engagement of Caretakers and Letting Agents ( where appropriate);

•Consult in relation to Original Proprietor Powers of Attorney;

•Call and attend Inaugural meetings; and

•Recording and distribution of minutes 

Our Day To Day Functions

•Answering and dealing with communications including phone calls, emails and correspondence;

•Preparation and distribution of meeting notices;

•Convening and attending Annual General Meetings; 

•Convening and attending committee meetings;

•Recording and distribution of minutes of meetings;

•Calling for nominations for Committee positions;

•Maintenance and operation of banks accounts (including set up); 

•Preparation of draft budgets;

•Preparation of  levy notices;

•Receipt and banking of Body Corporate Funds;

•Monthly reconciliation of bank accounts;

•Payment of accounts of the Body Corporate;

•Preparation of accounts quarterly;

•Preparation of annual accounts for end of each financial year; 

•Maintain the Roll; and

•Closely monitor the levy position of each Lot and compliance with Sinking Fund positions.

Other Services

We also assist with:

• Calling and conducting Extraordinary General Meetings;

• Calling and conducting Additional Committee Meetings;

• Insurance Claim Processing;

• Preparation of Information for Audit of Records;

• Preparation of Information for Business Activity Statements;

• Preparation of Information for Income Tax Returns;

• Preparation of Applications and Submission To Commissioner for Body Corporates;  

• Lodgement of Documents with Dept. of Natural Resources & Mines;

• Liaison with Lawyers and other Professionals; and

• Debt Collection Services

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